Hello! I'm Steph. I have always loved photography. With a lot of encouragement from close friends and wedding photography mentors, I started my business in 2016. For me, a good photo (or wedding gallery) captures raw emotion and the authenticity of the moment. Beautiful details and portraits are one thing, but photos that make you feel and remember your special day are my ultimate goal.

Photography is not my full-time gig--in fact--I'm a pastor and former middle school science teacher! Yep! I graduated with my MDiv in 2019 and spent 5 years living and working in Indianapolis as a Teach For America teacher and youth director. Today, I get to oversee my church's community engagement and operations and it is such a gift. Photography is both a wonderful creative and missional outlet for me. I love the opportunity I have to connect with brides + grooms and their families while providing them beautiful images of their special day.

Woman sitting in white photography studio with DSLR camera laughing
Ice cream cone
Artist's Point in Grand Marais with waves crashing onto rocky shore

My love and I in Arizona. We love getting outside and exploring. A landscape photography hobbyist, he assists me as a second photographer for weddings at times. We took this photo with his Canon Mark IV on a tripod with a remote. Let's just say this was one out of a million shots. Ha!

Ice cream. Hiking in the mountains. Artist's Point in Grand Marais, MN! Not pictured: Mac'n'Cheese.

A few of my favorite things:

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